The Future is Wearables

The potential for Predictive Biometrics Platform is beginning to be fully understood. Monitoring the health and well-being of humans in their day-to-day life will soon be commonplace and potentially life-saving. Some other interesting applications of our research are:

Although the primary use case of the Canaria PBP is incident prediction and prevention, this same dataset can be used to optimise human performance. This is most immediately applicable to the world of professional sports where the differences between a gold and a silver medal are milliseconds, millimetres, or milligrams. Canaria Technologies is already experimenting with the interplay of PPG, skin temperature and movement data to bring about a dramatic change in sports performance monitoring.

Accurate diagnosis is one of the most important use-cases for our PBP in the long-term. In less than 10 years, every family home first-aid kit will have a Predictive Biometrics Device in place of a mercury thermometer. Whilst a single device or AI system will never be able to replace the complex, context-driven decision-making of doctors; being able to send accurate auto-generated reports about a person’s wellbeing directly to their family doctor is achievable within the next few years.

Manned space exploration is the original use-case that built Canaria Technologies; and remains an important focus to us. The high-accuracy and ability to function in extreme environments allows our PBP to provide valuable data to researchers on earth about the effects of space flight on the human body. Optimising performance for astronaut training is equally important to mitigate health issues for individuals operating onboard spacecraft with limited emergency medical capabilities.