Training & Education

Did you know that muscular individuals are at the highest risk of experiencing heat exhaustion? Or that once you’re aware that you’re about to have a micro-sleep you can delay its onset by 10 minutes by listening to something engaging with high volume? Canaria Technologies offers comprehensive training for workforces about how to protect themselves from these incidents prior to working with a predictive biometric system.

Site Survey & Team Training

Canaria Technologies are not looking to waste your time or ours. Knowing that your workforce is ready to implement and embrace a new technology is valuable information when looking to make such an investment decision. Canaria Technologies undertake on-site surveys and sentiment analysis to gauge if a workforce is receptive toward wearable technology for safety. They also audit the workforce’s understanding of the risks of cognitive fatigue and heat exposure then conduct group training sessions to bring any knowledge discrepancies up to scratch.

The time on-site performing the site-survey is also used to perform historic incident tracking and analysis. This in-depth examination of available data assists Canaria Technologies to tailor the upcoming pilot to best serve the company and the safety of its workers. A sentiment analysis takes 3 days on any given site then only if there’s a high receptiveness in a workforce do we recommend proceeded to a pilot.

Product Details:

  • Site Survey & Sentiment Analysis of Workforce
  • Documented report of survey results
  • Team training on Cognitive Fatigue & Heat Exhaustion
  • Historical Incident Tracking & Analysis

USD $9,000

Lunchtime Speaker & Training

Canaria Technologies is a company that stands at the crossroads of innovation between the resources sector, the quest for space, the medical industry and cutting edge Artificial Intelligence. With NASA-endorsed hardware, the last year has seen the company conduct multiple field pilot tests of their device which is the first generation of predictive bio-metric devices for use across multiple industries.

Accordingly, Canaria Technologies has developed expertise in the areas of innovation methodologies for teams, AI strategy, and new technology implementation for companies as well as preventative cognitive fatigue and heat exhaustion training. Specialists are available for lunchtime speaking engagements.

Please contact Canaria Technologies to book a speaking engagement.

Product Details:

  • Lunch/Dinner event speaker & presentation
  • Associated training & information session

AUD $1,500**

** some travel costs may apply