Purchase a Puck

We offer a one-off Puck purchase for companies and universities wanting to test the Puck themselves. The purchase includes up to 11 hours of a Canaria Technologies data scientist working with you to understand and optimise the data produced by the device as well as complete access to the Canaria Cloud infrastructure. Purchasing a Canaria Puck is also a good option for smaller companies who wish to evaluate how the technology would fit into their current safety implementations before committing to a pilot or a full deployment.

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Pilot Program

Canaria Technologies better than anyone understand that change, particularly with new technology and within a workplace, can be difficult. Getting people to accept and understand the who, why, what and how behind a piece of new technology is incredibly important to ensure an adequate level of acceptance within a workforce. To aid finding this acceptance, Canaria Technologies have developed a Pilot Program which steps the deployment of the Canaria Puck within a workforce into specific stages to ensure the change is managed correctly, trust is built with both users and management, whilst proving the technology and benefits to all involved.

For quality control purposes Pilot Programs are currently only available within Australia, however Canaria Technologies are always interested in discussing how their predictive biometric systems can be implemented to help raise the level of safety anywhere in the world.

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Full Deployment

For companies with known heat exhaustion or cognitive fatigue problems who see the potential in predictive biometric safety systems, Canaria Technologies is happy to arrange large-scale deployments and software integration services. Whether it is a full workforce implementation, a particular site which experiences cognitive fatigue/heat exhaustion incidents or just a single team, deploying a Canaria Technologies predictive biometric system can have an immediate positive effect on the safety of your site. Depending on the size of the implementation, a full deployment requires around 4-6 months of lead-time to fit into production and current deployment schedules. Structured as a purchase of equipment and annual fee per user, a full deployment service from Canaria Technologies is a cost effective way to dramatically reduce two of the biggest causes of serious injury and mortality in the resources sector.

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Training & Education

Did you know that muscular individuals are at the highest risk of experiencing heat exhaustion? Or that once you’re aware that you’re about to have a micro-sleep you can delay its onset by 10 minutes by listening to something engaging with high volume? Canaria Technologies offers comprehensive training for workforces about how to protect themselves from these incidents prior to working with a predictive biometric system.

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