Pilot Program

Canaria Technologies better than anyone understand that change, particularly with new technology and within a workplace, can be difficult. Getting people to accept and understand the who, why, what and how behind a piece of new technology is incredibly important to ensure an adequate level of acceptance within a workforce. To aid finding this acceptance, Canaria Technologies have developed a Pilot Program which steps the deployment of the Canaria Puck within a workforce into specific stages to ensure the change is managed correctly, trust is built with both users and management, whilst proving the technology and benefits to all involved.

For quality control purposes Pilot Programs are currently only available within Australia, however Canaria Technologies are always interested in discussing how their predictive biometric systems can be implemented to help raise the level of safety anywhere in the world.

What is the purpose of a pilot?

A pilot achieves the release of a predictive biometric system via the Canaria Puck based on the biometric data of the pilot user group. Comprehensive reports are provided to both users and managers about the findings within a pilot. They either lead to a full workforce deployment, or unique objective data on heat exhaustion or cognitive fatigue issues that management can use to improve operations.

There are up to four phases to the Canaria Pilot Program: Site Survey, Small Pilot, Big Pilot and Full Deployment.

We don’t waste your time or ours: we always undertake a sentiment analysis towards wearables on-site before committing to a pilot. Only if there’s a high receptiveness in a workforce do we recommend proceeded to a pilot.

Site Survey: A sentiment analysis takes 3 days on a chosen site. It covers receptiveness to wearables, awareness of either cognitive fatigue or heat exhaustion, and historic incident tracking.
Investment: USD $9,000

Small Pilot: A small early stage adoption of the Canaria predictive biometric system in a workplace. Conducted over a 6-8 week period, the small pilot is designed for 10-30 users.
Investment: USD $60,000 - $90,000

Big Pilot: Designed for a company to implement a Canaria predictive biometric system within a specific devision or job role. Ideal for up to 100 users, a big pilot runs for 3-6mths and integrates the technology into day-to-day processes.
Investment: USD $200,000 - $490,000

Full Deployment: For companies with known heat exhaustion or cognitive fatigue problems who see the potential in predictive biometric safety systems, Canaria Technologies will implement large-scale deployments and software integration services. Available for companies with greater than 200 users in 2020 and widely from 2021.
Investment: USD $1,500 per puck and $500 per user per annum

Please contact Canaria Technologies directly for a consultation about your needs.