Canaria Technologies is a company standing at the crossroads of innovation between the space industry, the resources sector, medicine, and cutting edge AI.

Canaria Technologies focuses on solving the big problems.  From manned space exploration; to reducing industry fatalities; to predictive health care – Canaria Technologies aims to be engineering solutions to some of the most pressing problems faced by humanity today.

Canaria Technologies is well positioned to help identify new, innovative strategies for improving health and safety, working with its clients to proactively contribute to a safety step-change across the mining, energy, construction and transport sectors. 

Cognitive fatigue currently accounts for 2/3rds of all industrial accidents in Australia

-resulting in loss of life and financial loss. Canaria Technologies is proactively seeking partnerships with Australian companies to eliminate fatigue-related incidents.  The company aims to achieve this by adopting a predict and prevent approach to cognitive fatigue.

Canaria Technologies is focused on Australian industries’ shared objective to ensure everyone gets to go home safely each day.