Full Site Deployment

For companies with known heat exhaustion or cognitive fatigue problems who see the potential in predictive biometric safety systems, Canaria Technologies is happy to arrange large-scale deployments and software integration services. Whether it is a full workforce implementation, a particular site which experiences cognitive fatigue/heat exhaustion incidents or just a single team, deploying a Canaria predictive biometric system can have an immediate positive effect on the safety of your site. Depending on the size of the implementation, a full deployment requires around 4-6 months of lead-time to fit into production and current deployment schedules. Structured as a purchase of equipment and annual fee per user, a full deployment service from Canaria Technologies is a cost effective way to dramatically reduce two of the biggest causes of serious injury and mortality in the resources sector. Available for companies with greater than 200 users in 2020 and widely from 2021.

Please contact Canaria Technologies directly for a consultation about your needs.

Product Details:

  • Canaria Pucks (latest version) with Charging Docks
  • Canaria Cloud & App access per user
  • Software API integration (if required)
  • 30% Discount for companies who've completed a pilot

USD $1,500 per puck
USD $500 per user p.a.