Customers in heavy industries face numerous challenges managing a dispersed workforce. Serious incidents adversely effecting employees’ well-being may incur significant expense and reputational damage, ranging to AUD $20M in employee compensation and additional associated operational cost. In 2012-13 , work-related injuries in Australia cost industry AUD$61.8B, equitable to more than 4% of Australia’s GDP.

Of these, cognitive fatigue has been cited as the cause of approximately two thirds of all heavy industrial health and safety accidents. Cognitive fatigue is a biological response onset from continued exposure to extreme environmental factors. Heat exhaustion is a category of cognitive fatigue that is a universal challenge for the sector. In 2019, cognitive fatigue was cited as the underlying cause of 144 fatalities, where 43, or more than 30%, were machinery operators and drivers.

Wearable predictive biometrics systems may be utilised to solve this problem by providing individualised early-warning thresholds alongside integrated safety protocols to ensure our users are kept safe at all times, with or without access to an internet connection.