Dashboards & Analytics

The data produced from the Canaria Predictive Biometrics Platform is extensive and requires substantial processing to be utilised. Canaria feeds the sensor data through rigorously-tested and optimised feature processing algorithms to produce highly accurate datasets for our predictive artificial intelligence. However, there’s little use in recording all this data if our clients can’t then use it.

The most powerful part of the Canaria Predictive Biometrics Platform is our analytics suite. Primarily centred around data visualisation through dashboards, the suite has been designed so that if a client has specific needs, these can be integrated simply and easily. Which is also the approach we have taken to feature addition, new features and analysis are added to the platform at regular periods as they are developed and validated by our research and development team. An analytics suite which can be used as a tool for optimisation, simply comparing the risk exposure of shift members over time or comparing movement levels to gauge productivity. The more our client partners ask of us, the more we want to see the limits of what we can provide.