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We use highly accurate predictive biometric systems for dual real-time prediction of heat exhaustion and cognitive fatigue in the resources sector. Technology and Safety coming together in life threatening situations.

Did you know fatigue currently accounts for 2/3rds of all industrial accidents in Australia?

It results in unnecessary injury and death as well as financial loss. Canaria Technologies is proactively seeking partnerships with Australian companies to eliminate fatigue-related incidents. We aim to achieve this by installing our predictive biometric systems to a partner's site to provide a 'predict and prevent' approach to cognitive fatigue.


is lost everyday in industrial sector fatigue related accidents


fatique related accidents in the industrial sector each year

The Canaria Puck can predict serious biometric events in users before they happen.

The Canaria Puck is currently being commercialised for use in the mining, oil and gas sectors as well as for applications in the construction, transport and aviation industries to tackle the same level of environmental challenges found in manned space exploration.

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