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CEO & Head Designer of Canaria Technologies, Alex Moss is a passionate role-model for women in technology; regularly mentoring and running events to promote female leadership in STEAM fields. Last year the BBC noted Alex as ‘the model changing the future of space medicine’. This year she has won the title of Women in Technology’s ‘Startup Entrepreneur of the Year’, as well as being a finalist for the Brisbane Lord Mayor Young Business Person of the Year Award.

Alex has extensive experience in business management and design. She has been a creative director for global ad campaigns (Phillip Treacy, Le Roni, Doc Martens) and was the founding CEO of art dealership The Court, as well as M2 Magazine prior to her move into technology.

Alex has a background in Design Psychology from the Courtauld Institute and is a guest lecturer at Hult Business School, as well as a regular panel critic for the Bartlett School of Architecture’s Computational Architecture Department.

Alex has also won numerous awards for her ground-breaking work in predictive biometric medical devices including: Global Winner Best Use of Hardware 2016 NASA International Space Apps, Sir Richard Branson’s Worldwide Top 10 Tech Start-ups Extreme Tech Challenge 2017, Global Aerospace Summit 2018 Young Space Leader and Komatsu Top 4 Tech Innovators to Watch Out For in 2018.

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Alex Moss

Chief Technology Officer of Canaria Technologies, Dr Rob Finean is a Chartered Electronic Systems Engineer whose 30+ year career has bridged aerospace, digital mobile communications and healthcare. Rob gained his PhD for pioneering work in mobile satellite communications.

Rob has launched products for Multinational enterprises (MNEs) that play a leading role in technological innovation, R&D investment and patenting. By serving various markets and their size, MNEs often benefit from economies of scale and scope, and have a stronger financial capacity to invest in innovation including risky innovation projects.

Rob co-founded and exited his company Widerweb to leading mobile data vendor Openwave in 2009.

Rob has launched multiple products for MNEs, including T-Mobile, and led development at several start-up ventures including Pogo – the world’s first touchscreen smartphone.

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Dr Rob Finean

Board member, Theodora Le Souquet is a strategic director, and former CEO of Architectural Information Services and former managing Director of Building on Air. As a director of Women in Technology (WiT), Theodora revitalised the Board Readiness™ program which won an International Best Practice award from Cambridge University. She is also a key note speaker at the Women in Leadership Summit and co-chair of the Women in Engineering Summit.

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Manufacturing Advisor – Dr Paul Herz is the Former Head of New Product Operations at Apple and currently leading manufacturing for Facebook’s consumer hardware division and Asia Operations as a director of Facebook Building 8. Paul has over 15 years of experience bringing transformational products to market with expertise in product design and development, volume manufacturing, strategic planning, and tactical execution. Paul has his doctorate in high resolution laser optics from MIT.

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Medical Research – Prof David Clifton is an associate of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford and Research Fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering. David’s research focuses on the development of big data machine learning for tracking the health of complex systems. He pioneered Visensia, the world’s first FDA approved multivariate patient monitoring system, and SEND, which now monitors 20,000 patients every month in the NHS.

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Mining Sector – Paul Lucey has extensive experience in the mining industry, with a particular focus on fix automation, field robotics and visualisation, idea adoption techniques, and innovation in conservative organisations. Paul has been involved in five start-ups to date and currently serves as CEO of Project 412 and director of METS Ignited and Unearthed Solutions.

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Canaria Technologies is a company standing at the crossroads of innovation between the space industry, the resources sector, medicine, and cutting edge AI.

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