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Specialist Consultancy Services 

Canaria Technologies is a global leader in predictive biometric systems. Predictive biometric systems follow the same principles as most other AI data-based predictive systems, such as new asset management failure prediction systems, weather prediction, and financial asset value prediction systems. This emerging field of science has the potential to predict heart attacks, strokes, epileptic seizures, and in the case of the resources sector, heat exhaustion, extreme cognitive fatigue, asphyxiation and man down events. Consultancy projects run for under 9 weeks.

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Technology Pilots 

Canaria Technologies 

is currently piloting the new generation of our medical-grade predictive wearable technology prior to mass manufacture and a hard market launch. We have two levels of pilots clients can undertake with us:

Extreme Event Incident Logging – under $100k
Extreme event incident logging usually takes up to 9 weeks. We are able to accurately log extreme incidents for heat exhaustion and cognitive fatigue, providing full reports and training programmes to prevent incidents on-site. These devices are not predictive, but provide objective data sets on extreme physiological events that are impossible to quantify via self-reporting.

Site Pilots for Predictive Equipment
Full site pilots take place over a 6 month + horizon. They include the deployment of real-time predictive equipment on site. These pilots result in tested predictive equipment for clients that can be used effectively. All full site pilot clients receive most favourite nation status with Canaria Technologies in perpetuity for undertaking them.

To enquire about a full site pilot for predictive equipment, please contact our CEO directly:


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Technical: CTO Dr Robert Finean

Business: CEO Alex Moss

Canaria Technologies is a company standing at the crossroads of innovation between the space industry, the resources sector, medicine, and cutting edge AI.

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