Predictive Biometric System


What is a predictive Biometric System?

Predictive biometric systems follow the same systems, such as new asset management failure financial asset value prediction systems. They require large amounts of very accurate historical data in order to be fed into neural nets that can produce reliable results.

They are time consuming and difficult to create, requiring a diverse team of experienced engineers and mathematicians. However, once made they can have enormous impacts on solving real life problems that are almost impossible to solve otherwise.

This emerging field of science has the potential to predict heart attacks, strokes, epileptic seizures, and in the case of this project, heat exhaustion and extreme cognitive fatigue.

Canaria Technologies pairs the data science of predictive biometric systems with medical-grade hardware to create predictive devices that can be used in dangerous real-life situations to predict serious medical incidents before they happen.

We take biometric prediction out of the research lab and into the field to save peoples’ lives.

There are many different types of biometric data that may be used to create these systems. Canaria Technologies mainly uses PPG readings from the ear to allow for high levels of accuracy that are also easy to take from a moving user. Other common time-series biometric data sets include EEG (used in neuroscience) and ECG (used in hospitals).

The Minimalist Line

Designed to simultaneously predict extreme cognitive fatigue, heat exhaustion, asphyxiation and man down events, the minimalist line focuses on simultaneously solving communication issues as well as being an advanced predictive biometric system. The line is designed to mitigate all risks associated with creating and deploying a predictive biometric system on site for the first time.


Any individual working night shifts is at high risk from suffering cognitive fatigue. The impact is comparable to drink driving: individuals think they are performing fine, when in fact they are putting themselves and their colleagues at risk with dramatically impacted performance and a high likelihood of microsleeps. This is most dangerous for individuals operating heavy machinery or those in charge of high impact decision making such as control room employees planning routes for heavy vehicles.

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