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Canaria Technologies

Canaria Technologies is a technology company that specialises in incredibly high accuracy predictive biometric systems for use in life threatening situations.

We combine medical devices with AI to create systems that can predict serious medical events in users before they happen.

All our data collection hardware is made in-house in order to ensure high accuracy in the data sets we use to make our predictive systems.

Technology is, however, only half the problem. At Canaria Technologies, we pride ourselves on avant-guard, ergonomic designs, useability, and focus on user training.

We work with behavioural psychologists to create training programmes for users to make sure that everyone understands how our equipment works, what data we collect from them and why.

Cognitive fatigue currently accounts for 2/3rds of all industrial accidents in Australia

-resulting in loss of life and financial loss. Canaria Technologies is proactively seeking partnerships with Australian companies to eliminate fatigue-related incidents. The company aims to achieve this by adopting a predict and prevent approach to cognitive fatigue.

Designed for space
made for earth

Our flagship product in development is the Canaria Fatigue Management Service – ‘the miner’s Canary for the era of space travel’.

This is a real-time medical-grade biometric monitor, powered by machine-learning to predict and prevent catastrophic accidents caused by cognitive fatigue.

Canaria Technologies is focused on Australian industries’ shared objective to ensure everyone gets to go home safely each day.

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Technical: CTO Dr Robert Finean

Business: CEO Alex Moss

Canaria Technologies is a company standing at the crossroads of innovation between the space industry, the resources sector, medicine, and cutting edge AI.

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